I am a software developer & multimedia artist specializing in real-time, interactive systems. I work with TouchDesigner, C++, Python, JavaScript, and audio, video and lighting systems.

I live in Berlin and work worldwide. Contact me:

AV Performance

AV Performance

Live Stage Production

For this project the talent wanted to test a concept for a stage production that tightly integrates lighting and projection effects with live performance of electronic music in a playable, non-linear way.

TouchDesigner consumes MIDI over network from Ableton Live to cue beat synchronised visuals to six discrete projector outputs.

Super bright LEDs are controlled with Touch via Art-Net and react to MIDI note events to represent selected percussive transients visually.


Right Now

Light & Set Design

A music video for Hopium.

A bespoke set was constructed for this music video shoot, comprised of a 64m2 shallow pool and a matte white painted rear wall to act as a canvas for lighting effects.

The director wanted to capture the performers’ silhouettes against vibrant gradients and elegant reflections on rippling water.

Lighting sequences were designed in a bold colour palette and performed with TouchDesigner, driving 20 high performance LED lighting fixtures rigged eight metres above the set.

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Six Months of Darkness

Audiovisual Installation

6MOD was a projection mapped audiovisual performance piece developed during an artist-in-residence exhibition programme.

Original music was composed with Ableton Live and presented in ambisonic surround sound. 

Video and lighting cues were triggered via MIDI over network. The piece was augmented with live performance elements including analog synthesis, audio mixing, video manipulation and effects.

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Strawberry Fields

Interactive Installation

Built in collaboration with Pretentious Punks and exhibited at Strawberry Fields music festival.

Pretentious Punks crafted a huge 'igloo' enclosure complete with harem drapery, luxe vintage furniture and a 20m2 stage to act as a projection canvas centrepiece.

I mounted two projectors and an infrared camera above the stage and built a system in TouchDesigner to track participants movements across the stage and represent them as influences on the visuals projected at their feet.

Wearable Tech

Biometric Costume

A client commissioned wearable electronics project for display at Vivid Sydney.

I collaborated with a fashion designer and film & television costume maker to produce a latex body suit, augmented with electroluminescent light panels.

An embedded micro controller interfaces with sensor hardware to measure the wearer’s breathing pattern and bespoke software animates light panel sequences matched to the pace and depth of the breath.


Oh Lorretta

Lighting & Graphics

A music video for Sex on Toast

The director wanted a look reminiscent of music countdown television performances of the seventies, done with slightly more modern technology.

A nineties era LED curtain was sourced to serve as an animated billboard and background for the set. 

Pixel mapped graphics were slaved to a timeline in Ableton Live. This allowed selectable playback speed of audio and lighting cues appropriate for various camera frame rates.

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